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We've been Covid-ed again

Sadly The Ruapehu Motorcycle Club would like to inform you that the 2021 Cold Kiwi Rally is CANCELLED.

As most of you would know, this decision was inevitable given the fact that the spread of Covid cases has not been halted.

We had hoped for a better outcome but obviously this is completely out of our hands.

We are now looking forward to next year's rally with details to be released in due course, once we have set guidelines in place and have all information regarding what will be expected of us as a club and of you, our rally attendees.

REFUNDS - Everyone that has not yet received a refund will be given one. No need to make a request for this. We know a few people wanted us to hold their money over til the next rally if they couldn't attend this year but we have decided to refund everyone, no exceptions.

Refunds will be processed within the next few weeks but I ask that you please be patient as there are well over 300 of you, and only one of me.

All merchandise sales will be refunded as well with the exception of the 2020 covid T-shirt that has already been sent.

If you made multiple purchases these will be refunded separately.

Refunds may take up to 10 working days to show in your account once processed and they go directly back to the card that was used to purchase your tickets and merchandise.

Our online shop will close for a while and reopen in 2022.

A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors for continuing to support the RMCC through challenging times.

An even bigger thanks has to go to you, our punters that have been behind us the whole way. We can't do it without you and the Club hope to put on an awesome rally for you all next year.

Covid hasn't beaten us just yet. We WILL have a 45th rally.... eventually!!!

THANK YOU ALL - Jeanette - on behalf of The Ruapehu Motorcycle Club

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