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Lockdown message from RMCC

Regarding the news of Auckland and Coromandel being in level 4 for one week and rest of New Zealand in Level 4 for 3 days as of 11.59pm Tuesday.

As you can imagine it is extremely hard to make any decisions regarding the rally at this stage, but we also know that in the event of any cancelation you, our rally goers, need to be be informed in a timely manner. Right now we don't know if this lockdown will be extended or how many cases could come out of it. The Ruapehu Motorcycle Club will need to discuss all options and we will update you all as soon as we know more.

We have all been hoping we wouldn't hear of any cases before the rally (or at all) but also knew it was a risk.

With that said, please be aware that even at level 2 we can NOT hold the rally as level 2 requires gatherings to have no more than 100 people. (And yes there are a lot more entries than that) .

Let me reiterate - we have NOT cancelled.

Of course we don't want to, but it may end up being out of our hands. We will wait and see what happens in 7 days.

We are all riding the same road. Keep safe.

Thanks everyone,


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you are doing your best & that is all we can hope for ,

thanks , Graham .


chubbs ley
chubbs ley
Aug 17, 2021

No stress you guys are doing an awesome job end if it is cancelled you can keep my money

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