Covid is a wanker and we are postponed

On behalf of the Ruapehu Motorcycle Club, sorry everyone, the 2021 Cold Kiwi has officially been POSTPONED due to the community outbreak of Covid19. We HAVE to be in level 1 to be allowed to hold the rally and as that is extremely unlikely by the time of the rally, it has basically been taken out of our hands and we cannot go ahead for the time being.

Please bear with us as we work with the farm owner to organise a new date. We will let you know as soon as we have everything in place.

I'm sure you can appreciate how much goes into organising a rally like this and we really need all our ducks in a row for this to work.

If there is anyone who would prefer to be refunded instead of waiting for new dates please contact me or use the contact form on the website. But please exercise patience as I work through messages.

The rally was looking set to be a goody as far as entrants go and we really hope you are all happy to hang in there with us.

We have already had some lovely messages from some of you and we'd really like to say thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.

We have not cancelled... just postponed.

Watch this space, we will update you via facebook and the website.

Please tag and tell your mates!

PS. Covid you are a wanker.

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