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Beverage tickets are coming!

Updated: 5 days ago

You lot are thirsty and our bar gnomes work flat out during the rally. This year we are introducing clip tickets for bar purchases to help you get back to the action faster.

There will be a designated location on site near the Supercheap main marquee to purchase your bar tickets in either $20 or $50 value (cash or card is perfectly fine). You bring the ticket to the bar and select your products, then the good folk there will serve and clip your tickets. Done and dusted.

Gotta be clear about this:

  • There will be no cash sales at the bar - tickets only.

  • Tickets are also non-refundable - you can purchase the tickets through the rally so no need to load up.

  • Tickets cannot be squirreled away and used next year - 2024 tickets are for 2024 only.

  • Tickets are for the bar only - cannot be used for merch or food

We are also simplifying our bar selection a little, in response to what you have been asking for. There will be more zero-sugar and low-carb options, for example, and maybe a couple different beers. Plenty of the classics though, don't you worry.

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