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The Programme

A lot of planning and gruntwork goes in to put the rally on for you. But this is what we love to do and you love the rally so it all kinda works out in the end.

Basically the programme is approximately this:

  • Friday afternoon around 3pm - gates open, caterer is open, bar is open

  • Friday night around 7pm the live music starts up in the main marquee

  • Saturday morning around 1am (maybe earlier) the bar is closed

  • Saturday morning around 11am the events begin. Exact order is TBD but usually starts with the hillclimb then goes to the helmet dash, a lunch break, tug-of-war, then the burnout competition at around 3pm. 

  • The bar reopens around noon on Saturday

  • Saturday evening around 7pm the prizegiving and spot draws take place. The live music begins by 8pm

  • Sunday morning is pack out

Coffee and tea are available for free 24/7.

The caterer opens up at dark o'clock and stays open until the last of the hoons call it a night. The food is amazing and they enjoy the rally as much as we do - we love 'em.

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